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Road Construction and Accidents in Albemarle, Charlottesville, Fluvanna, Waynesboro, Staunton, Greene, Madison, Nelson, Orange and Louisa

Recently, road construction in the Charlottesville area has picked up pace with the beginning of good weather. Several projects are in the works on I-64 and I-81. As much as we like to see these road construction projects going forward, they increase the risk of an accident for drivers in the area. According to the Road Management and Engineering Journal, accidents in construction areas increase by 26 percent and that number rises to 33 percent when the construction area is an interstate highway. At Wilson & Hajek, we recommend using extra care when driving in a work zone. Virginia drivers also need to be aware of the recent change in the law that requires drivers to "move over" when passing construction, stopped vehicles, tow trucks, and police vehicles that are stopped on the road shoulder.

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Red Light Cameras in Charlottesville and Virginia Beach


The lawyers of Wilson & Hajek, a personal injury law firm, discuss the pluses and minuses of red light cameras in Charlottesville and Virginia Beach.

Statistical studies continue to show that while red light cameras do not dramatically reduce the number of accidents at camera equipped intersections, the more dangerous types of crashes are decreased. The two prevalent types of accidents that occur at camera equipped intersections are rear-end accidents and T-bone crashes. Charlottesville recently located red-light cameras at some intersections. In Virginia Beach at the start-up, the rear-end crashes increased and the T-bone crashes decreased. The rear-end crashes generally cause less serious personal injuries and the T-bone type cause more serious personal injuries.

Virginia Beach restarted its red light program in 2009. Chesapeake and Newport News also use the cameras and Norfolk is con…