Charlottesville Accidents and Dangerous Intersections


In Virginia, interstate highway exit ramps lead to many three car crashes with one driver causing property and personal injury damages to the other two drivers.

.Many interstate ramps in Virginia do not have merge lanes and some are crossover mergers where cars on the interstate are trying to access exit ramps immediately in front of the access ramp. The end result is often a quick stop by the lead car at the access ramp to the interstate with cars behind striking one another. The issue then becomes who made a proper stop and who did not. The usual scenario is the first car stops, the second car stops and the third or fourth car is not aware of what is happening. Often the third car will strike the second car trying to access the interstate and drive that car into the first car that has had to stop. It then becomes cars one and two looking at the negligence of car number three for a failure to stop and/or following too close. There are many variations to this theme but the answer is, all persons injured by the negligence of another should look to the negligent party. The police often have to sort this out.

Interstate 64 runs through Charlottesville and Albemarle County, Virginia. At the exit for Route 29, there is a crossover merger that is very busy and the scene of many accidents. Personally, I think it is the most dangerous interstate exit and entrance in the Charlottesville area. If you believe there is a more dangerous area, let us know. Of course, the answer is to redesign the interstate exit to avoid the merger of traffic. More land is required and, in some cases, there may not be enough space given the geography of the area, but consideration should be given to the dangers presented by merger exits and entrances.

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