Wright Medical Hip Implant Cases in Virginia

Wright Medical hip implant devices and systems are experiencing the same problems that the recalled Johnson & Johnson DePuy hip implant devices have had. The problem revolves around the metal on metal construction of the parts of the device. The metal parts rub together and can release cobalt and chromium into the bloodstream of the patient. The device also causes pain for the recipient through the wearing and grinding of the parts. For instance, I am handling a case in Charlottesville, Virginia where my client received a Wright medical hip implant system in 2007. By 2010, my client was experiencing the same type of pain that had been present before the replacement hip was installed. As a result of the pain and a significant increase in cobalt and chromium levels in blood levels, my client required a second surgery to remove the Wright medical hip implant device and then had a new Johnson & Johnson hip implant device installed which was not of the metal on metal design. The medical bills for such a procedure are staggering and routinely exceed a hundred thousand dollars. Significantly, there is a greater risk of problems and complications with a second implant. The recall of the Johnson & Johnson DePuy hip implant device was a step in the right direction for the victims of these defective products. Cases involving the recalled devices have been consolidated in a class action pending in Toledo, Ohio. Currently, there is no recall involving the Wright medical metal on metal hip implant devices. As a result, I am able to file these cases in the area where the client lives. If you have a wright Medical metal on metal hip implant system and are experiencing problems with your health, call to discuss your rights and the remedies that are available to you.

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