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Charlottesville Monday Morning

Monday morning in Charlottesville.

Fog, rain and gloom will not define the day. Instead, I will be working with an accident reconstruction expert to try to figure out how a car accident happened. Our firm often works with experts in different fields to try to determine what happened to cause an injury or death. Recently, a former railroad engineer and road foreman of engines was able to assist our law firm in determining the braking capabilities of a locomotive engine. This type of interesting exploration of facts makes for an interesting day and, hopefully, a successful injury case

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Teen Drivers and Summertime

According to the Center for Disease Control, teen drivers are four times more likely than older drivers to crash. In fact, every day there are approximately eight teen fatalities resulting from car crashes. In the summertime, this statistic gets worse. Night time driving also doubles the risk for the teen driver. If you have a teen driver in your household, now is the time to educate your teen about the risks of driving. At Wilson & Hajek, we hate to see teenagers injured or killed. Fortunately, there are positive steps that parents can take to avoid serious teen auto accidents. First, establish a zero tolerance policy for alcohol and driving. Second, establish a parent-teenager contract that sets forth the teen's responsibilities. Third, set a positive model for your teen by obeying traffic safety rules. According to the CDC, these steps make a difference and help prevent teen fatalities. For more information about teen driver issues, go to…

Injuries on Amtrak Train From Assault By Passenger

Are we ready for "train marshalls" who ride Amtrak to keep the peace. It may well be time in light of several recent attacks on passengers and crew. Sky marshalls are assigned to airplanes to prevent dangerous incidents. It seems that trains need the same protection. Last week, a passenger on a train headed to Lynchburg, Virginia, assaulted a train crew member shortly after the train left Charlottesville. The train was stopped in Nelson County and the passenger was removed. He proceeded to kick out the window of the police car and assault a deputy. Authorities suspect that the passenger was under the influence of something. Perhaps train crew members need to be equipped with pepper spray or other defensive materials. In any event, some response is needed. Too m any people depend on Amtrak trains for transport to allow a dangerous environment to exist.

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Summer Road Construction and Accidents

Charlottesville Car Accidents - Road Construction - Injury and Accident Lawyers

It is summertime and the driving is not so easy. Charlottesville area road construction projects are creating backups and bottlenecks all over town. In particular, road construction on I-64 has created a daily headache for motorists trying to get past or access Route 29. Several car accidents have resulted as the interstate narrows from two lanes to one. In addition, the exit to south 29 is blocked off. Motorists have to detour through the Ivy exit and double back to exit onto 29 south. This project is just one of many in the Charlottesville and Albemarle area. According to statistics compiled by the Nation Highway Traffic Safey Admnistration, summer months experience the greatest number of accidents. In particular, July and August are the months when accidents seem to occur with the greatest frequency. Interestingly, Saturday is the most dangerous day of the week for auto accidents. So if you are …

Virginia Wrongful Death Act

Virginia Wrongful Death Act | Auto Accident Lawyers Wilson and Hajek Discuss Virginia Law

Charlottesville newspaper, radio and television news reporters have covered the recent tragic death of a teenager in Nelson County. The teenager was a passenger in a car where the driver apparently fell asleep. Even thought the youth was wearing a seatbelt, the violence of the single car accident resulted in death. The civil action concerning the death of a loved one in Virginia by a wrongful act, such as the action of the driver in this auto accident, is usually subject to the Virginia Wrongful Death Statute.

The damages that go to beneficiaries in a Virginia death by wrongful act case, such as an auto, truck, or motorcycle accident, are awarded according to Virginia statutory law. If a person is killed through no fault of their own, the following damages may be awarded by a judge or by a jury:

(1) any sorrow, mental anguish, and loss of solace suffered by the beneficiaries. Solace may include…

Charlottesville Pedestrian Struck and Charged In Accident

Charlottesville police have charged a pedestrian who was struck while crossing a street. He has been charged with crossing outside of the crosswalk. Most of the time, we tend to assume that the driver is at fault when a pedestrian is struck. And, Virginia law provides many protections for pedestrians who are crossing streets at intersections. However, the pedestrian also has a duty to maintain a lookout. Most significantly, the pedestrian will always be the loser in a battle between a car and a human. So even is the pedestrian has the right of way, a lookout is essential. In this case, the pedestrian had a duty to cross at the intersection. Of course, we do not know what the pedestrian will say. The bottom line is that you have to be careful when crossing streets

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Texting and Driving Update


Our law firm focuses on accidents and providing personal legal advice to seriously injured persons in Charlottesville and the surrounding counties and cities of Albemarle, Fluvanna, Nelson, Madison, Orange, Staunton, Waynesboro, and Louisa.

Our attorneys represent persons injured in car, truck and motorcycle accidents. Many of the personal injury accident cases that come to our offices in Virginia Beach and Charlottesville, Virginia involved alcohol related car accidents. Lately, we have seen an increase in the number of cases involving cell phone use, with a particular danger associated with texting while driving. Texting and driving is dangerous. Texting and driving is fast overtaking alcohol as the #1 cause of car accidents and serious personal injuries.

A local television reporter recently aired a video of the reporter riding with a state trooper in an unmarked police car. The video recorded drivers on the highway…