Motorcycle Accident in Charlottesville Area

Personal Injury Attorney Motorcycle Accidents Virginia

The Virginia personal injury law firm of Wilson & Hajek represents seriously injured motorcycle riders. Often the drivers of the vehicles causing the accident state that they just didn�t see the motorcycle. In the Charlottesville area, there have been several recent accidents involving motorcycles and at least one fatality.

Our personal injury law firm represents motorcycle riders. Many motorists treat a motorcycle as if it does not belong on the road. When discussing an accident, the vehicle driver often acts as if the motorcycle rider is invisible. The driver ignores the headlight, the person and the bike. Motorcycle riders have the same road privileges as cars.

To avoid personal injury, motorcycle riders have to drive defensively. They must avoid cars that pull in front of them, cut them off in lanes of traffic and crowd them on the road. The fun is in the ride and we all want to keep it that way. So keep a close look-out when biking and enjoy the road.

If you are unfortunate enough to sustain a personal injury while riding, please call on the law firm of Wilson & Hajek at (877) 222-1588 or email and/or

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