Fluvanna County Teen's Life Claimed in Car Accident

As a Virginia personal injury lawyer, I am always saddened by the reports of needless deaths in car accidents. This weekend, I read the obituary of a Fluvanna County teen whose life was cut short by a car accident. According to the Charlottesville Daily Progress, the teen ran off the road, struck a culvert and overturned. The teen was from Palmyra in Fluvanna County, Virginia. Unfortunately, the teen was not wearing a seatbelt and was ejected from the car. The circumstance reminded me of another tragic car accident many years ago which involved my brother. He was a seatbelted passenger in a car which overturned and he survived with just a few bruises. The driver was not wearing his seatbelt and was ejected and killed. I know that I have always worn my seatbelt since that time. Of course, there are always stories of the driver or passenger who was ejected and saved from the car fire and so swears that not wearing a seatbelt is good thing. But, I still think that a careful and safe driver should opt to wear his or her seatbelt. Our sympathy goes to the family of the teen and we hope that all young drivers will learn from the this tragic car accident.

Francis P. Hajek
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