Where To FIle A Personal Injury Claim In Virgina

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One of the more interesting decisions that a Virgina personal injury lawyer has to make is where to file a personal injury claim. Virgina law describes two types of venue (the [place where the lawsuit is to be filed), preferred and permissible venue. These categories of venue are found in the Virginia Code. Generally, the personal injury attorney is looking at the choices set out in the permissible venue section. The choices available depend in part on the type of claim, where the defendant is located and where the accident happened. An experienced injury attorney will determine all permissible venues and then analyze each forum (court) in the hope of selecting the most favorable. In a typical car accident injury case, the available forum selection will include the place where the accident happened and the home of the defendant. The home of the plaintiff is a possibility if the defendant is out of state or not to be found. Personal injury attorneys are familiar with the judges and reputations of the various courts in their areas. Most cities and counties have a certain reputation when it comes to the type of juries that will show up for trial. Of course, every panel of potential jurors is different, but the population makeup of a particular locale can be a good predictor of the selected jury.

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