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Amtrak and Washington, DC

FELA Employee Railroad Amtrak Washington,DC

Amtrak is a railroad corporation based in Washington, DC. Over the years, our personal injury law firm has represented many Amtrak employees located in the Washington, DC area. Amtrak personal injury clients have included engineers, conductors mechanical services, electricians, car cleaners, firemen and oilers members and every other craft. All of our injury clients have had cases under FELA, the Federal Employer's Liability Act. Washington, Dc is a great place to try a personal injury case. Injured Amtrak employees can almost always have their case tried in Washington, DC because it is the headquarters. For a free review of injury case facts, call us.

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Statements to Insurance Adjusters

Charlottesville personal injury lawyers, and lawyers all across the state of Virginia, are often faced with the issue of a prospective client telling them that the insurance adjuster required a statement. Fortunately, there is a Virginia law that requires insurance companies to provide a copy of any statement given by an insured to the insured or their lawyer. But the big question is, should the insured, the victim in the car accident, give a statement in the first place? As an experienced Virginia personal injury lawyer who practices across the state, I think the answer is a resounding no. The car accident victim gets no benefit from providing a statement. I have yet to encounter a case where the insurance company was more generous or accommodating simply because the insured gave a statement. In fact, nowadays, insurance companies are taking a very hard line on compensation for most accidents, particularly the low impact type of car accidents. In Charlottesville, the most comm…

Newport News Jury Awards 5.25 Million Dollars

A Newport News, Virginia jury has awarded a shopper 5.25 million dollars for a serious injury involving a forklift running over the shopper's foot. A patron of a store like Best Buy is a business invitee and is owed a high duty of care. apparently, the jury believed that Best Buy was negligent and so awarded substantial damages for the personal injury. Such large awards tend to be the exception rather than the norm, but they certainly receive the most publicity. If the jury had awarded no damages, we probably would not read about it in the newspaper. In this case, the medical bills and lost wages were significant and so the jury's verdict should be seen in that light. Our firm's record verdict in Virginia is $60 million. In that case, the damages were truly significant as the personal injury damages for medical care and lost wages were millions of dollars. Every personal injury case is unique. Some cases settle and others go to a jury verdict. Our mission is to re…

Virginia Car Accidents Dominate Labor Day Holiday Headlines

14 deaths from Virginia car accidents over the Labor Day weekend ruin a perfectly good holiday. Two of the deaths involved motorcycle accidents. The other car accidents were spread across the state with no region being spared. When our personal injury law firm handles a wrongful death case,the emotions involved are difficult to overcome. The victim's survivors often contact us when the pain of the loss is still quite recent. in one way, this early contact is very positive as we are able to investigate the circumstances of the car accident and wrongful death before evidence disappears. On the other hand, it is painful to go over the circumstances of the car accident and stir up memories of the incident. We are very mindful of the tragic nature of such cases and do everything we can to assist the survivors. Unfortunately, holiday weekends result in increased traffic on the highways and more car accidents and injuries. The next major holiday is Thanksgiving and we hope Virgi…

When Will You Get A Speeding Ticket?

According to an article in the Virginia Pilot today, it is unlikely that a driver will get a ticket unless he or she is driving more than 10 miles per hour over the speed limit. The article explores the myth and reality of the 10 mile pr hour "cushion" and concludes that such a cushion does exist. Of course, there are exceptions and some mentioned are driving just a few miles over the speed limit in a school zone or where children are playing. The 2010 record for speeding in Hampton Roads was 146 miles per hour. At that speed, the consequences of a car accident are catastrophic. AS a personal injury attorney, I am aware that most drivers exceed the speed limit when driving on interstate highways. If you drive the speed limit, you are going to be the slow poke. I am also aware that for every mile per hour increase in speed, the forces involved in an accident increase dramatically. It is not a linear progression. A car accident at 70 miles per hour is going to have mu…