Newport News Jury Awards 5.25 Million Dollars

A Newport News, Virginia jury has awarded a shopper 5.25 million dollars for a serious injury involving a forklift running over the shopper's foot. A patron of a store like Best Buy is a business invitee and is owed a high duty of care. apparently, the jury believed that Best Buy was negligent and so awarded substantial damages for the personal injury. Such large awards tend to be the exception rather than the norm, but they certainly receive the most publicity. If the jury had awarded no damages, we probably would not read about it in the newspaper. In this case, the medical bills and lost wages were significant and so the jury's verdict should be seen in that light. Our firm's record verdict in Virginia is $60 million. In that case, the damages were truly significant as the personal injury damages for medical care and lost wages were millions of dollars. Every personal injury case is unique. Some cases settle and others go to a jury verdict. Our mission is to resolve the case to our client's satisfaction.

Francis P. Hajek
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