Skiing Accidents in Virgina

Virginia skiing accidents (and snowboarding accidents) resulting in a personal injury are the subject of many questions under Virginia law. Unlike some states where skiing is major industry, Virginia skiing and snowboarding resorts are few in number and fairly small in size. Some local resorts are Wintergreen, Massanutten and the Homestead. Virginia does not have a comprehensive skier responsibility statute or other laws aimed at ski resorts and their operation. One general statute that does affect ski resorts concerns the operation of lifts used to transport skiers and snowboarders. These lifts are subject to regulation as an amusement attraction ride and have to conform to certain standards. Unfortunately, most personal injury claims involving skiers and snowboarders take place on the slopes of the ski resort. In such cases, the ski resorts often assert two primary defenses, contributory negligence and assumption of risk. In Virginia, proof of these defenses can lead to dismissal of a claim. In a ski or snowboard accident, it is vital to contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible so that an investigation can be launched quickly. For example, many ski resort employees are seasonal and move on after the ski season ends. Our law firm has handled ski injury cases in the past and we know the issues involved in such cases.

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