Airplane Crash Tragedy for Albemarle Family

It was with great sadness that I read the report of a plane crash involving a local family. In addition, a friend and business partner of the aircraft owner was also killed in the tragedy. Aviation disasters are usually thought of in terms of larger plane crashes involving commercial airliners, but the reality is that most plane crashes involve small aircraft piloted by owners. When I first started practicing law, one of the first cases in which I was involved concerned a Cessna aircraft that had crashed. Fortunately, everyone survived. The controversy was whether the crash involved pilot error or the failure of a fuel gauge. The current tragedy will likely involve a similar dispute, with the aircraft manufacturer and or mechanic pointing to pilot error and the other side looking to an equipment failure. Unfortunately, the victims have no input and the remaining family members are left to mourn their passing. The dangers of travel in the winter holiday season are emphasized by this tragedy and I hope we will not read of any more disasters.

Francis P. Hajek
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