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Update on Hip Implant Devices

Wright Medical Defective Hip Implant Device - Metal on Metal - Product Liability - Personal Injury Lawyer - Attorney

Wright Medical Hip Implant systems or devices, particularly the metal on metal hip implant devices such as the Wright Conserve Total Hip system, are causing the same type of problem experienced by patients who received the Johnson & Johnson Depuy metal on metal hip implant devices. Metal toxicity, or heavy metal poisoning, is being found in patients who have received Wright medical hip implant systems or devices. The problematic hip implant devices are the Wright Conserve Total Hip System, the Wright Profemur Total Hip System and the Wright Profemur Z. These metal on metal hip implant devices have a shallow cup, just like the Johnson & Johnson hip implant systems. The metal ions that cause the problems are cadmium and chromium, both of which are released by the hip implant device as it wears. Many health problems are associated with the buildup of such metal i…

Update on I-64 Car Wrecks

Not one, not two, but four car accidents caused by sunlight. In a recent post, I noted that I had seen two car accidents on I-64 which appeared to have been caused by the glare of the early morning sun. A Daily Progress news article confirmed that the Albemarle County car accidents were caused by bright sun, but also reported that there were actually four separate accidents involving a total of eleven cars. I-64 was backed up for over two hours, all because of glare from the early morning sun. This type of extended car accident is not uncommon in Germany where high speed highways leave little time for driver reaction. A few years ago, I read about an accident involving over 40 cars on the autobahn where weather conditions were the cause which began the chain of events. Such "mass" car accidents are challenging for any personal injury lawyer given the causation questions. Fortunately, the I-64 accidents did not result in any fatalities. However, lives were disrupted an…

Public Reactio to Drunk Driving Enforcement

We are fortunate to have a guest post today by Beckley Mason. Thanks for the information Beckley!

Though efforts of organizations like MADD have been successful at changing a culture of permissiveness surrounding drunk driving, we still see a number of drunk driving related cases each year. That�s why I find the comments section of The ClayCord can provide an interesting perspective how local residents near the GJEL Bay Area offices react to DUI checkpoint enforcement. On Saturday the 21, between 9:30PM and 3:30AM, the Concord Police Department used a well-signed DUI check point. Before I get into the reactions, here were the reported results.

� 683 drivers passed through the screening
� 7 DUI Suspects were Arrested
� 13 Vehicles were Impounded
� 11 Unlicensed/Suspended Drivers
� 1 Warrant Arrest made
� 1 Arrest for possession of a controlled substance

While the other arrests and impounds probably improved safety, the object of the stop was to catch drunk drivers. While removing 7 drunk dri…

Multiple Car Accidents on I-64 Because of Bright Sun

Charlottesville and Albemarle County personal injury attorneys will be getting a lot of calls today. While I was on I-64 in Albemarle County this morning, I saw two car accidents involving multiple vehicles. Both the accidents were in the eastbound lanes of I-64 heading towards Charlottesville. The first accident was at the crest of a large hill which is just before the first Charlottesville exit. At the top of the hill, the morning sun hits the car driver in the eyes quite suddenly. And, at just the right moment, today it was around 8:15, the sun is quite blinding. The angle of the hill combined with a rising sun leaves the car or truck driver unable to see for a few seconds. At speeds of 65 miles per hour or more, the consequences can be deadly. Today, there was on car accident near the top of the hill and a second car accident a few hundred yards before the first car accident. Car bumpers were everywhere. State police lights were flashing at both scenes and ambulances wer…

Specializing in Personal Injury Law in Charlottesville, Va.

As a lawyer in Charlottesville, Virginia, the decision to specialize in personal injury law requires a commitment to help injury victims. Serious injuries from car accidents and truck accidents require expertise from an accident attorney on many fronts. The initial step is evaluating the circumstances of the accident or wreck to determine fault and liability. Then, the medical care that the accident victim has received must be considered and assessed. Another part of the evaluation includes looking at insurance, both medical and liability. These starting points for the evaluation of a personal injury case can be accomplished during the initial interview. Additional information is then gathered through documents and witness interviews. All of this information is collected with an eye to seeing how we can best serve the accident victim in the context of a personal injury case and, possibly, a lawsuit. I like to involve my personal injury clients in the entire process as I have fou…