Amtrak To Expand Service to Norfolk, Virgina

Amtrak service from Norfolk, Virgina to Washington, DC, via Richmond, Virginia, will be in place much sooner than was originally projected. It was recently announced by Governor McDonnell that service was expected to begin in December, 2012, rather than October 2013. The updated timetable could be an early Christmas present for the Hampton Roads area. The project to upgrade track between Richmond, Petersburg and Norfolk has a price tag of over $100 million dollars. It involves the railroad track of both CSX and Norfolk Southern (NS)railroads. Amtrak operates its trains over the track of these railroads by agreement in the state of Virginia. As such, Amtrak has to rely on NS and CSX to provide track that is safe for its higher speed passenger trains. Unfortunately, the NS and CSX track is not able to handle high speed trains such as the Amtrak Acela which serves the northeast on track owned and maintained by Amtrak. Nonetheless. the reintroduction of Amtrak passenger service to Norfolk should be beneficial to the area as passengers will be able to travel by train to and from the nation's capitol in one day. Our personal injury law firm has extensive experience with every type of injury claim involving Amtrak and other railroads. For more details, visit our website at

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